Please read before posting For Sale items

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Please read before posting For Sale items

Postby CJ » Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:41 am


Forum rules have been updated with text pertaining to advertising. This change was undertaken in an effort to inform and protect buyers and sellers of products or services advertised through the club forum. Updated text below FYI:

Forum Rules wrote:Information for Sellers

Only non-commercial adverts are permitted on the FTO-Ireland forums, businesses or individuals who contravene this rule will be warned and/or banned. If you are interested in advertising your product range on FTO-Ireland, please contact the site admin or a moderator for more information.

Users must have clocked up at least 10 posts before submitting a private advert. Ads posted by users with less than 10 posts will be deleted.

Please post as much information you can about the part or car you are selling. Don't forget to supply contact information on the advert (email, PM or phone). Please update the advert subject with SOLD when the car or parts have been sold. Pictures and an asking price will help sell an item and are encouraged.

For sale threads from commercial organisations are not permitted, please contact for more information if you want to post a commercial advert. Only private individuals are allowed to post cars or parts for sale.

Please keep multiple items for sale to a single thread. Adverts for other cars are permitted in the 'Other cars' or 'Japanese Performance' forums. It is acceptable to advertise 'general' items in the Off Topic forum (within reason). Illegal or inappropriate for sale threads (i.e. any item that is felt to be damaging to the club or its members) will be removed with the appropriate follow-up action (e.g. bans where appropriate).

FTO-Ireland reserves the right to withdraw selling privileges or ban sellers who contravene this policy, all decisions in this regard are at the discretion of the committee

Information for Buyers

The Irish Mitsubishi FTO Owners Club can take no responsibility for the accuracy of any advert or the reliability of the seller, nor are we responsible for any transactions between members and/or registered users of the forum.

When dealing with a forum user please treat it no differently from buying from your any other online source. FTO-Ireland can offer no guarantee regarding any advert on the site, and no guarantee regarding any registered users.

If the member who has placed the advert is not known to you, is a new member, or you are a new member yourself, then we strongly suggest that before agreeing to buy something you perform a search to check out the seller's past history. This will not guarantee a trouble-free purchase but should assist you in making an informed decision about who to buy from or sell to.

If you do have a problem with a transaction resulting from an advert on this site we will do our best to help you in any way we can, but it is important to note that our powers are limited and we mainly act just as mediation between the parties involved.

Remember that any buying or selling you do with FTO-Ireland members or registered users is entirely at your own risk.

A full copy of the rules can be found here.

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