been dropping in for a wile

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been dropping in for a wile

Postby barryc » Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:42 pm

been dropping in a bit for a while now bought a GP while ago and fell for the FTO
sold it on as it had some rust issues and started looking again
found a lovely clean enough 105,000 km Red FTO in the uk
fully undersealed which was the important bit as 99% of them are rotten underneath
so I purchase it but struggling to clear the VRT and tax and insure it kinda went in feet first car is lovely few paint issues nothing major but a good clean genuine car.
living in kildare and working in Dublin the car is brilliant on fuel does over 100km for 10 euro of fuel so its a great car on juice
but im struggling to keep it was thinking of a 1.6 engine conversion as |I have a cyborg box to go in
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1st gear
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Re: been dropping in for a wile

Postby Kace » Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:21 pm

Welcome. So that sounds difficult, you haven't managed to clear the VRT yet ( you only have 30 days from the day it enters the country ) and have problems with insurance also? Sounds like tricky situation alright.

Search the forum here for conversions. A 1.4 has been done so 1.6 must be possible. Only problem is that insurance will still be very tricky.
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