WANTED: Manual gearbox for 98 GPvR

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Re: WANTED: Manual gearbox for 98 GPvR

Postby Pfee7583 » Tue May 17, 2016 11:52 am

brccrx wrote:I would still talk to the mechanic who did all the work and ask him to take a proper look at the car again to try and sort it or help to narrow down the problem, ask him what spec gear oil he have use in your gearbox, its well known that only one specific good brand oil should be used, other types might cause some gear changing trouble etc...

Its hard to sort out something without diagnosing the problem properly, first and easiest is checking the condition and level of gearbox oil as Aidan is suggesting along with verifying what sort of oil it is.

Then i would look in to the bracket itself as if fitted at even slight angle off it might cause trouble.
On the gearbox end gear linkage there are two small bushes, one of em likes to break easly, i would look in there too.
Bracket that holds the gear linkage likes to split from its mounting, easy to spot too.
Detach the linkage from gearbox and check if it moves freely in its shield, is easy to bent the gearbox linkage is someone was rough enough not following right order steps in order to remove the gbox.

These above are free and simple check ups so i would start from there before starting to spend money.

Is it me or this still "wanted gearbox" thread :mrgreen:

Thanks for the info
Still waiting to get the car back in with him
I'll question him about which oil he used
I'm also going to order a new bracket and rubber washers and get him to change them anyway as I think that may be the problem as when it's hard to get into 1st and sometimes 3rd I think it's just not lining up correctly ie when I'm selecting 1st it often feels like I'm nearly selecting 3rd by mistake and visa versa it's hitting somewhere between both
And with reverse it seems to only select fully if I push the stick as far to the right as I can before pulling back
It's now "gearbox wanted to work properly" thread lol but no point starting a new thread at this stage cuz hopefully I'm close to having it working 100%
Thanks again for all the info and help, great website this :D
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